5 questions for the end of your interview

An interview is an integral part of your career search and as an interviewee, it’s not only important that you look presentable, make eye contact, and field any questions that are thrown at you, but it’s equally valuable to be prepared to ask your own set of questions. An interview is a two-way street and the interviewer actually expects you to come to the conversation with questions. Here are 5 questions for the end of your interview that will impress the person across the table and end the conversation on a solid note.

Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?

Ask what a typical day looks like for the job that you are applying for including tasks, responsibilities, workload, and hours. This question displays that you have true interest in the job, shows that you are taking the interview seriously, and demonstrates that you are eager to learn about the role. The answer that you receive can also help provide additional insight into the role that may not be detailed in the job description. Ask a follow up question if needed and don’t be afraid to respond to their answer with how you would excel in the role.

What are your expectations for this role in the first 60 days?

Are there any big projects coming up? Depending on the scope of the position, you can ask about the next 30 days, 6 months or year. If the new role operates in quarters, you can inquire about next quarter’s goals. This shows the interviewer that you are thinking to the future and are already anticipating what is to come. This gives you a good idea about what’s on the agenda for the near future and what the employer will expect of you from your first day.

How would you describe the culture of the company?

Are you a good fit? Ask the person interviewing you to provide insight into the culture and environment at the company. Company culture can include values, behaviors, traditions, attitudes and even a dress code or details about lunch or socializing. If their answer aligns with your personality and work style, respond and let them know that you would fit well within the culture and give a brief example of when you have previously excelled within a similar company culture. The way that they speak about the culture of the organization can give you a hint if they enjoy it themselves or not.

Where is the company headed in 5 years?

This question demonstrates that you like to and are able to think long-term and that you care about the future of the company. Curiosity about extended plans can let the interviewer know that you are thinking about this role as a long-term opportunity and not just a stepping stone to a bigger and better position at another organization. Although they may not be ready to reveal all of their secret plans, they will be able to give you a few examples of goals for the upcoming years.

What challenges will this position encounter?

Asking about challenges and obstacles of the open role is a natural follow-up question to the previous inquiry. It shows that you are eager to tackle any barriers or hurdles in order to achieve gains and meet goals. Once the person on the other side of the table responds to your question, concisely explain how you would meet the challenges or solve the problems with success. Your tenacity in the face of a challenge can ease any worries they might have had about your ability to handle the job.

Prepare a short list of questions and be ready to confidently ask them at the end of the interview. Ensure that you thoroughly read the job description and that you pay attention during the interview so that you don’t ask for repeated information. Questions aren’t just for impressing the interviewer but they can also help provide valuable information about the role so that if an offer comes your way, you are ready to act in confidence.

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